About Darren
On-Fish Guide Service

I'd sure love to spend a day on the water with you.

We'll fish out of my TR21 Triton Bass Boat with a 225 Horsepower Mercury OptiMax ProXS motor. She's a beautiful ride, and it's fun just getting from one spot to the next in her. Plus, you've never seen heads turn until you've run down the lake in a boat like this.
I fish lakes like Guntersville, Toho, Chickamauga, and others. If it's in Tennessee or Alabama, you can bet I've fished it, and can find and put you on the fish.

Any time I'm not teaching from the top of a mobile bass tank, doing a demonstration at a sporting goods store, or fishing in a tournament, I love to be on the water with another passionate angler enjoying nature and chasing bass!

Please give me a call and let's find a date that works, and let's go fishin'.

Phone: 423.595.6927